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Ductless & Zoning Systems

Take Total Control of Your Indoor Climate

Install a mini-split or zoning system in Billings, Laurel, Columbus & the surrounding area

Ever find your bedroom is too hot but your office is too cold? You don’t have to settle for constantly adjusting the thermostat to stay comfortable. Turn to Patriot Heating and Cooling LLC to install a mini-split or zoning system in Billings, Laurel, Columbus & the surrounding area.

We’ll upgrade your HVAC system to give you control over the heating and cooling in each room individually. While a mini-split installation involves zero ductwork and can be installed almost anywhere, a zoning system installation redirects the airflow through your ductwork. Our HVAC technician can explain your options and make sure you end up with a system that works for you.

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Why install a mini-split system?

Not sure if a mini-split system is worth the effort? You’ll appreciate that…

  • Mini-splits double as air conditioning and heating for any and every room in your home.
  • They’re small, versatile and don’t require ductwork, so they can be installed in any room.
  • You’ll end up with an HVAC system that lasts longer before needing repairs.

Mini-split and zoning systems can even be used for specific HVAC needs, like providing extra cooling for an animal shelter. Patriot Heating and Cooling donated a mini-split system to the Help for Homeless animal shelter in Billings to make sure the animals are safe and healthy, and you can enjoy the same power in your home.

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