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Carrier Brand

Our Mission

To be our customers’ first choice for air conditioning, heating and refrigeration solutions everywhere around the world.


Our Values Innovation

We are a company of ideas, committed to applying cutting-edge research and development techniques to create solutions that improve environments and enhance human comfort. Our founder inspires us to always reach for the next innovative, powerful and marketable idea.



Our performance is a vital reflection of who we are and a testament to our ability to deliver on promises to our customers. We are committed to achieving world-class performance, and strive for continuous growth and improvement to reinforce our leadership position.

Customer Care

Providing optimal service to our customers is a top priority. In every vertical market we serve, across every continent on the globe, we aim to achieve 100% satisfaction, building a strong, loyal and ever-expanding customer base.

Business Practices

Our business is driven by a fundamental sense of global citizenship and responsibility. We maintain the highest ethical and environmental standards, and actively support the communities in which we do business.


We believe in the relentless pursuit of quality in everything we do. We are committed to creating innovative products with the durability and efficacy to exceed our customers’ expectations.

History of the Brand When Willis Carrier invented the first system for “manufactured weather” in 1902, he sparked an industry that revolutionized the way in which we live, work and play.

Willis Haviland Carrier was a humble, but determined engineer who solved one of mankind’s most elusive challenges: controlling the indoor environment. Born in Angola, NY, in 1876, Carrier excelled in mathematics. His early aptitude for inventing helped him win a scholarship to Cornell University where he graduated in 1901 with a degree in mechanical engineering. Soon after going to work for the Buffalo Forge Company, he was named director of the company’s experimental engineering department at the age of 29. On January 2, 1906, he received a patent for his “apparatus for treating air.” The company eventually opened an air conditioning subsidiary which they named Carrier Air Conditioning Company in his honor. When World War I began, the Buffalo Forge Company was forced to close this subsidiary. Carrier then founded Carrier Engineering Corporation with six colleagues – the first independent company devoted to the new art and science of air conditioning.

Over the years, Carrier’s air conditioning systems were used in aircraft factories, in munitions plants, on ships, in manufacturing facilities, public transportation and public buildings. The first indoor skating rink used a system specifically developed by Carrier. In 1928, Carrier began marketing the “Weathermaker,” a winter air conditioner designed to heat, humidify, clean and circulate air in the home during the winter. An optional cooling unit was available that used cold water for cooling the home.

Willis Carrier died in 1950, having forever changed the way people live, work and play, with improvements in healthcare, manufacturing, research, food preservation, art and historical conservation, general productivity, indoor comfort, and much more.

From the defining moment of the invention of air conditioning – and through to the present day – Carrier has been a company built on a legacy of innovation. For more than a century, our research, expertise and forethought have resulted in market-leading innovations and “firsts” that have shaped and defined the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Through our history of product excellence and committed customer service, we have evolved into a global company serving millions of people and businesses in 172 countries on six continents around the world.

Our Customer They went to college. Got jobs. Got married. Bought a house. Had children. Now they want to provide their families the best, surrounding themselves with belongings that reflect their success, style and individuality. Carrier consumers are willing to spend a little more if a product will improve their quality of life or save them time. They appreciate style, performance, innovation and quality. Function is important to them, but they demand more. Carrier consumers are progressive thinkers who are willing to try new products and technologies. Our customers want to be confident they are working with a reliable company who provides a state-of-the-art, high quality product that makes their lives better.

Turn to the Experts is much more than a phrase we use in our advertising. It is an absolute commitment to being the expert in everything we do. It’s a way of working that extends from the engineer focused on the leading edge of technology to the team members who assemble our products to the contractors who service our customers and everyone in between. We deliver expertise in everything we do. We strive every day to reach the highest standards, achieve excellence and ensure we are worthy of our customers’ trust.

Our every interaction is an opportunity to present the face of Carrier to the world. Carrier employees deliver unmatched expertise in their products. Carrier distributors build relationships with contractors who reflect Carrier’s standards of expertise and support them in effectively representing the Carrier brand to our customers. And Carrier contractors provide expert solutions for their customers’ home comfort needs. That’s why with Carrier, our customers get unmatched expertise at every level. 

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